My name is Vida Vega, I am a half Chilean/half Italian mongrel born and bred in London. I am an award winning freelance 2D Animation Director and Illustrator working with bold, painterly textures and a strong sense of the traditional craft of drawn animation. I like to combine digital with analogue paper techniques to make fashion illustrations and expressive drawings move in a way that feels authentic.
I love to create stories from quiet observed moments of intimacy, tiny fragments that surprise by revealing more than they initially suggest.
In 2012 I won a British Animation Award for Best 2D Commercial for the first commercial I directed. That same commercial also won a Silver Shark at Kinsale, Bronze at the London International Awards, several Cannes Lions nominations and I was a finalist for the SHOTS Young Director Award.
My illustrations have featured in outdoor billboard campaigns across California, online and print editorials for How To Spend It Italy and Superior Interior.
As of 2016 I am also a lecturer on the Animation programme at UCA Farnham where I teach drawing and film making. I like to make people laugh with jokes that cut slightly too close to the bone.

Clients include:
How To Spend It, Superior Interior Italy, Graff Diamonds, Disney UK, Prada, HD Buttercup, Milka, Tempo Tissues, Digital Arts Magazine. Golden Wolf, Passion Pictures, The Mill, Tandem Films, Th1ng, JWT, Publicis

Selected Interviews:

How To Spend It

Awards & Selected Screenings:

- “Bike” Winner of 2012 British Animation Award for best 2D commercial.
- “Bike” Nominated for Public Choice and Best Script, screened at BFI.
- “Bike” Finalist in the Broadcast category at the SHOTS Young Director Award at Cannes Lions
- “Bike” Winner of Bronze London International Award for Best Animated TV film.
- “Bike” Winner of Silver Shark for Best Animation at Kinsale advertising festival.
- “Bike” Shortlisted in the Animation category at the British Arrows Craft Awards
- “Bike” in competition at 2012 Klik! Amsterdam animation festival and the British Animation Awards public choice screenings.
- Illustrations and frames from film work exhibited at Aim art gallery in March 2011
- "mi'au, myau" selected in competition at the New York International Children's Film Festival 2011
- Awarded Roundhouse Ex Animo Bursary to develop “Stay”
- "/mi'au, myau/" selected to take part in the "Young Animation" competition at the 17th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film.
- "mi'au, myau/" screened at Ars Electronica 2011
- "mi'au, myau/" nominated for the Public Choice award in the 2010 British Animation
Awards and screened at BFI.
- Both "/mi'au, myau/" and "A Dog for Every Balcony" (graduation film) shortlisted in the
student category of the 2010 British Animation Awards.
- "mi'au, myau/" screened and came 3rd overall at the Prix Europa festival, Berlin,
October 2009.
- Foundation Art final piece exhibited in the “Pretty Sharpish” group exhibition at La Viande gallery, Hoxton, 2006.

My CV can be found here:
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